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How it Works

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Play fun and creative games designed by our experts.
Identifor Analyzes
Identifor analyzes your Skills based on metrics.
Identifor Statistics
Identify your Strengths on our Dashboard! Compare with other players, Share with Parents and Educators.
How it works
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Job Interest

Career Interests

These games are scientifically designed to measure your abilities, skills and interest. They assess your Multiple Intelligence, Executive Functions and Career Interests

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Uncover Strengths

Uncovering Strengths
Our survey tools allow individuals, parents and educators build a 360 degree understanding of a person's abilities. We know that sometimes it's hard to see a person's strengths. And more often than not, the skills a child has aren't measured by the pen-and-paper tests they're taking at school.
Uncovering Strengths


Our "Companion" app supports a person throughout the day with their various needs.
Abby will even learn your needs and make proactive suggestions over time as she learns more about you. Managing course schedules (including exam dates, labs, etc.) and returning from breaks on time were cited by adults with special needs attending college or working on a job as being critical factors in their success.

Everyone Benefits

Everyone Benefits
Teens/young adults seeking engaging and fun games, parents seeking insights, and educators/professionals identifying ways to help their students Everyone benefits from Identifor's tools.
Try Identifor today. And start preparing for a fulfilling tomorrow. Identifor. Identify the Possible.
Everyone Benefits
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