Adults with special needs have stated that managing course schedules (including exam dates, labs, etc.) and returning from scheduled breaks can be especially challenging in everyday life. Identifor created the "Companion" app to help teens and adults address these challenges, and many more! The Companion app is a 24/7 personalized aide for teens and adults with special needs. It uses Abby - our artificial intelligence avatar - to have real back-and- forth conversations with the user. Abby is different than the other artificial intelligent personal assistants you may have used, like Siri or Alexa. Abby is specifically designed to support someone in a direct and meaningful way. Here are some examples of what she knows, or you can ask Abby your own question using the icon in the bottom-right corner.
  • How do I use a washing machine? Ask
  • What do I do if the power goes out? Ask
  • What does al dente mean? Ask
  • Do I have to pay taxes? Ask
  • How often do I need to shower? Ask
  • What should I put on my resume? Ask
  • What should I wear to work? Ask
  • Should I stay home from work if I am sick? Ask
  • What can I do on my break at work? Ask
  • Is it ok to call my boss on the weekend? Ask
  • Is it rude to answer my phone while at dinner? Ask
  • What does LOL mean? Ask
  • How do I start a conversation? Ask
  • What should I do if my roommate isn't doing their chores? Ask
  • What can I post to social media sites? Ask
  • What should I do if my bus is late? Ask
  • How do i walk on a busy road? Ask
  • What do I do if I get pulled over? Ask
  • What should I wear if it's raining? Ask
Abby can also do much more! Through Companion, Abby can also:
  • Manage your entire schedule: wake up, bed time, medications, classes, breaks, laundry, etc. If you can imagine the need, Abby can remind you of it.
  • Keep you up to date on the weather, and what clothes/accessories you may need for the day.
  • Provide navigation help: walking/driving directions, public transit, and even get you an Uber.
  • Calculate tips and splits while paying bills in restaurants, including payment suggestions.
  • Teach you how to accomplish tasks in everyday (e.g. make tacos, do laundry, etc.).
  • Get to know you, your needs, and your routines.
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