Identifor helps parents identify and build upon each person's unique abilities, skills, and interests. Our unique approach to this understanding comes from the analysis of data collected while individuals play games they will truly enjoy!

Parents and educators will have access to the Dashboard, which provides parents with information about the child's strengths

Dashboard for Executive Function and Multiple Intelligences

The Abilities Dashboard provides:

  • The 'Doughnut chart' to present an individual's relative abilities ? how his/her abilities in an area such as attention compares to his/her solution skills.
  • The 'Spider chart' to present an individual's comparative abilities ? how his/her abilities compare to others who have played our games.  If an individual is highly ranked compared to others, chances are this is an area of strength.
  • Deep dives into each ability area.  By clicking on a wedge of the 'doughnut chart', the Dashboard updates to provide additional details on the selected ability.
    • Improvement activities ? Executive function skills can be learned and developed.  For each Executive Function area, we provide details on the activities and tools that can be used to develop that skill.
    • Historical tracking provides insights into how a person is developing his/her abilities over time on a weekly basis.
  • Suggestions for additional to play to enable further assessment of the Executive Function or Multiple Intelligence abilities of interest.

By default, the site compares the selected child to all others in the database. Parents can create 'filters' to compare the child to various subsets of the database using information provided by parents.

The Job Interests Dashboard

Once an individual has played the 'Job Interest' Game, we use the information collected therefrom to suggest careers to consider based on a person's interests and preferences.  this is based on Professor John Holland's work on RIASEC.

Clicking on any of the suggested careers brings up details about that job from O-NET (the database developed by the Department of Labor to help students and job seekers understand the job of interest.  It provides information such as the tasks performed on the job, the skills needed, educational requirements, wages, and much more.

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