Game Intro - Gems Warfare

Gems Warfare


Combine gem swapping and monster hunting in Gems Warfare! Your goal in this game is to destroy monsters by creating the gem patterns shown above their head. Select and drag a gem to swap it with another neighboring gem. In order to advance, your gem patterns must be the same shape and color as the pattern shown by the monster you want to eliminate. However, the gems can be a different orientation: if a monster shows 3 red gems in a horizontal line, creating 3 red gems in a horizontal or vertical line will defeat the monster. If the monsters pattern is grey, then any color gems can be used. If more than one monster appears, you will need to complete both patterns on the same turn to advance. If you are unable to make the pattern with your turn, the monsters will attack your heart meter. Once your heart is empty, the game will end. See how many monsters you can defeat in this gem adventure!


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